Why Ignoring Mobile Could Cost Publishers Big Time

Why Ignoring Mobile Could Cost Publishers Big Time

Mobile news consumption trending past the 65% mark

I was digging through one of my client’s analytics this week and what I found was so shocking, I had to double-check. Then I looked at all my publishing clients’ data. Spoiler alert: Mobile is dominating!

I’m not joking here, I literally had to do a double-take… A full 72% of all pageviews from one of my business publisher clients is now coming from mobile! I stopped immediately and began checking my other clients, and their trend-lines were consistent. I am now seeing a full 65-72% of traffic across all of my publishing client’s websites coming from mobile devices. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all seen the growing trends, but it seems like only a couple years ago that we had just broken the 50/50 mark. Turns out, my observations are not alone. Organizations like Pew Research, Tech Crunch and Basis have all shown dramatic increases in mobile consumption across all verticals in recent years.

Why does all of this matter? Starting with the dollars… According to Basis, they are now seeing a jaw-dropping 67% of programmatic ad dollars and an almost unbelievable 97% of native display ad dollars are now going to mobile. Add to that Pew research showing a trend of now 3/4 of online shoppers making mobile purchases at least weekly, and we have a officially set the stage for a dramatic mobile first design argument.

Again, this is not new, even Google, with their Core Web Vitals, has elevated the mobile user experience far higher than that of the desktop experience… Want to show up on the google search engine? You must now optimize for mobile.

So my burning question to all the publishers out there, are you seeing the same stats on your sites?